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March 25 11 am PDT
JDK 16 features full musl support but doesn't include AOT and Graal JIT. Is it all gone? Can you still write your own JVMCI compiler?

The GraalVM licensing model is changing, and alternatives appear fast. In his talk, Dmitry Chuyko shows what you will achieve with native image. He'll look into the practices of building tiny and performant microservice containers using Graal and the associated tools.
Chasing the Grail
Dmitry Chuyko
Performance engineer at BellSoft
Ever wondered how to optimize your application without risk?

At some point, after you've gotten the business logic just right and the ASCII art resplendent, you'll want to reduce datacenter spend. And when this time comes, you're going to wish you had watched this presentation where Andy and Josh introduce the Spring Native project. You don't want regrets, do you, friend? Do the right thing. Be the change you want to see in the world: click 'Play'.
Spring-Boot: production-ready, efficient, fast: pick three
Andrew Clement
Director on the Spring Engineering team
Josh Long
Spring Developer Advocate
We received so many questions! Here's a clip where Josh, Andy and Dmitry answer some of the most interesting ones. Hope you will enjoy this upbeat and thoughtful conversation much like we did!
Got your own questions on native image? Email them to us or post directly to the experts on Twitter. Don't forget to mention @dchuyko, @andy_clement or @starbuxman!
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You've seen how the experts use Spring Native integration, you've got the samples, you've got skills. It's time to optimize your own project.

Imagine your Spring Boot applications faster and more productive than ever, compiling seamlessly and launching in a split second — with Liberica Native Image Kit.
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