DevOps Philosophy: Vision of the Future

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Sept 23 11 am PT
Controlling the JDK/JRE platform setup in DevOps seems to be a trivial task, but when Oracle Java changed the licensing model, developers faced the challenge of having to choose the runtime amongst many other alternatives, thus impacting the security, stability, performance, and total costs.

We will discuss real-life examples of issues that arise when choosing "the easiest way" to install OpenJDK.
How to make OpenJDK the DevOps' best friend?
Dmitry Chuyko
Performance Architect at BellSoft
DevOps is about people, process, and product. Getting it all right requires effort, but the benefits to your organization and customers can be enormous.

In his talk, Donovan Brown explains the importance of security, testing, automation, infrastructure as code, and other best practices when adopting DevOps. Use the information in this session to accelerate your adoption of DevOps and prepare yourself to succeed.
Best practices when adopting DevOps
Donovan Brown
Partner Program Manager in the Azure CTO Incubations team at Microsoft
It sounds simple to say that we will build one feature at a time, give it an API interface, and allow it to connect with other features and microservices. The implementation is anything but simple.

How do you plan to move from a tangle of interconnected features to something that you can test and deploy each part of?
How do you manage the combinatorial complexity of individual feature testing?
How do you make changes to containers presentation without needing to rebuild them entirely?

This talk explores how you can start migrating your existing features and services to a more modular, testable, and resilient system.

Tinkertoys, Legacy Computing, and You: How we got here and where to go
Heidi Waterhouse
Transformation advocate with LaunchDarkly
We received so many questions! Here's a clip where Donovan, Heidi and Dmitry answer some of the most interesting ones. Hope you will enjoy this upbeat and thoughtful conversation much like we did!
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