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March 25 11 am PST

Native Images for Java Apps

Web conference (not just) for high-caliber Java developers. What is native compilation and why is it a hidden gem in your project?

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Get savvy
about native image


We invite seniors and top level specialists in Java to discover this novel tool. See how native image can optimize your projects and minimize resources

General topics

Only 3 experts and 90 minutes will get you set up and running:

  • Perform multi-faceted software optimization
  • Compile native code in Spring
  • Build the smallest container images

Discover the true value

First experience with native image?

  • Start with a hands-on intro.
  • Get copy-and-paste code samples and easy-to-follow guides.

Familiar with GraalVM and compile native files with ease?

  • Deepen your knowledge with VMware examples.
  • Learn first-hand from Java champions!

Waiting for augmented cross- compilation in Spring?

  • Find out native optimization secrets.
  • Get deployment tips with Spring Native.
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A new series of always free web conferences by BellSoft born from our passion for sharing progressive knowledge that moves the world forward.





Best Format:

  • 2 hours
  • 3-speaker only digest
  • Short, concise and eventful presentations
  • Post-talk Q&A with experts



Expert Headliners: 

  • Only new and exciting Java technologies
  • Only renowned experts from the community
  • Only senior engineers that develop on Java


Josh Long

Spring Developer Advocate

Josh has been the first Spring Developer Advocate since 2010. He has authored several books of Cloud-Native Java, released training videos on microservice architecture, and contributed to various open source Spring initiatives.


Dmitry Chuyko

Performance Architect at BellSoft

Dmitry is a performance architect at BellSoft, and one of the most active corporate OpenJDK developers. Dmitry’s job is to optimize OpenJDK for x86 and ARM, and to contribute to the development of the smallest Java containers.

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Director on the Spring Engineering team

Andy is a Director on the Spring Engineering team and long-time Spring Committer. He is the project lead for AspectJ and creator of the Spring Expression Language. As Spring Native co-creator, he now focuses on the Spring GraalVM native story.



Spring-Boot: production-ready, efficient, fast: pick three




Josh Long          



Andrew Clement

Ever wondered how to optimize your application without risk?

At some point, after you've gotten the business logic just right and the ASCII art resplendent, you'll want to reduce datacenter spend. And when this time comes, you're going to wish you had watched this presentation where Andy and Josh introduce the Spring Native project. You don't want regrets, do you, friend? Do the right thing. Be the change you want to see in the world: click 'Play'.

Chasing the Grail




    Dmitry Chuyko

JDK 16 features full musl support but doesn't include AOT and Graal JIT. Is it all gone? Can you still write your own JVMCI compiler?

The GraalVM licensing model is changing, and alternatives appear fast. In his talk, Dmitry Chuyko shows what you will achieve with native image. He'll look into the practices of building tiny and performant microservice containers using Graal and the associated tools.

The future is now. Don't miss it!

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