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Sept 23 11 am PT

DevOps Philosophy: Vision of the Future

Web-conference for DevOps engineers and Java engineers who want to boost the performance of their CI/CD pipeline and accelerate infrastructure transformation.


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Dive into the DevOps way of thinking


We invite seniors and top specialists to explore the latest DevOps trends and discover the best methods of implementing the Java tools into the methodology. Learn how to enhance your distributed architecture, reveal and eliminate hidden security issues, and make IT processes work like a clockwork.

General topics

3 experts will introduce you to the cutting-edge DevOps techniques. Spend 100 minutes and take away hands-on solutions:

• Increase security without affecting the speed of development
• Facilitate the transition of your apps into the cloud
• Find out how containers can double the speed of application development
• Master the unorthodox methods of building and testing applications
• Use Java tools to increase the efficiency of your processes

Discover the true value

Hone your DevOps processes and integrate Java tools into them

  • Learn how to avoid security pitfalls during app modernization

  • Discover different opportunities of moving your workloads into the cloud

Transform microservice architecture into a refined modular system

  • Learn how to test individual features of microservices, simulate partial outrages, and use feature flags to make containers more stable and dynamic

  • Pick up copy-and-paste examples of developing discrete and manageable features and testing the whole architecture on a laptop

Improve and optimize your Java runtime environment

  • Choose the optimal runtime to boost the security and performance and lower total costs

  • Find out about the newest instrument for the remote and centralized control of your PC fleet

A new series of always free web conferences by BellSoft born from our passion for sharing progressive knowledge that moves the world forward.





Best format

  • 2 hours
  • 3 speakers only
  • Short, concise and eventful presentations
  • Post-talk Q&A with experts



Expert headliners

  • Cutting-edge DevOps tools and cloud infrastructure
  • Only renowned experts who stood at the origins of DevOps
  • For those who are responsible for sustainable production and control the changes in it


Donovan Brown

Partner Program Manager in the Azure CTO Incubations team at Microsoft

Donovan is a Partner Program Manager in the Azure CTO Incubations team at Microsoft. The Incubations team focuses on forward-looking development and innovation to facilitate the development of new projects and ideas.


Dmitry Chuyko

Performance Architect at BellSoft

Dmitry is a performance architect at BellSoft, one of the most active corporate OpenJDK developers. He is optimizing OpenJDK for x86 and ARM, and contributing to the development of the smallest Java containers.


Heidi Waterhouse

Transformation advocate with LaunchDarkly

Heidi is a transformation advocate with LaunchDarkly. She delights in working at the intersection of usability, risk reduction, and cutting-edge technology.



Best practices when adopting DevOps




    Donovan Brown

DevOps is about people, process, and product. Getting it all right requires effort, but the benefits to your organization and customers can be enormous.

In his talk, Donovan Brown explains the importance of security, testing, automation, infrastructure as code, and other best practices when adopting DevOps. Use the information in this session to accelerate your adoption of DevOps and prepare yourself to succeed.

How to make OpenJDK the DevOps' best friend?




    Dmitry Chuyko

Controlling the JDK/JRE platform setup in DevOps seems to be a trivial task, but when Oracle Java changed the licensing model, developers faced the challenge of having to choose the runtime amongst many other alternatives, thus impacting the security, stability, performance, and total costs.

We will discuss real-life examples of issues that arise when choosing "the easiest way" to install OpenJDK.

Tinkertoys, Legacy Computing, and You: How we got here and where to go




    Heidi Waterhouse

It sounds simple to say that we will build one feature at a time, give it an API interface, and allow it to connect with other features and microservices. The implementation is anything but simple.

How do you plan to move from a tangle of interconnected features to something that you can test and deploy each part of?
How do you manage the combinatorial complexity of individual feature testing?
How do you make changes to containers presentation without needing to rebuild them entirely?

This talk explores how you can start migrating your existing features and services to a more modular, testable, and resilient system.

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