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December 2 11 am PT

The Evergreen Evolution of Java

Web conference aimed at senior engineers and dedicated to enhancing the performance and security of software

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Evolve your apps with modern security and performance tools


We invite senior Java engineers to cultivate an approach toward agile, flexible, and ever-viable software. Learn how to utilize modern tools like Ktor framework and new Alpaca Linux. Discover contemporary practices to steer clear of massive upgrades and migrations.

General topics

3 experts will introduce the tools and methods to turn your apps into evergreen software. Spend just 2 hours and pick up hands-on solutions:

  • Adopt practices of keeping software forever up-to-date;
  • Minimize and optimize containers and microservices with new Alpaca Linux;
  • Master the methods of writing asynchronous applications with Ktor.

Discover the true value

Learn to develop the evergreen software from backend to frontend

  • Master the tools of perpetual upgrades and lessen the impact of migration
  • Adopt practices of lean code, incremental learning, and even longer vacations

Meet Alpaca 一 the evolution of Linux for Java

  • Discover the new Linux optimized for Java runtime, microcontainers, and native images
  • Benefit from tuned kernel, enhanced security, and optimized libc

Build Kotlin asynchronous applications with Ktor

  • Develop backend apps in a way that eliminates long waiting times between server and client
  • Walk through a step-by-step process of creating a simple application  and get copy-and-paste examples

A web series by BellSoft where we share our passion for innovations that move the world forward.





Best Format:

  • 2 hours
  • 3-speaker only
  • Short, concise, and eventful presentations
  • Post-talk Q&A with experts



Expert Headliners: 

  • Only new and exciting Java technologies
  • Only renowned experts from the community
  • Only senior engineers that develop on Java


Adam Bien

Developer, Consultant, Trainer, Podcaster and Java enthusiast

Meet Adam, a certified architect and developer in Java and Web since 1995, a Java Champion, an Expert Group member of the JCP, and the author of several books about JavaFX, J2EE, and Java EE. Adam has used Java since JDK 1.0, JavaScript since LiveScript, and still enjoys writing code. Adam’s Java / Web / Cloud / Architectures live online workshops and monthly Q&A live streaming show attract viewers all over the world.

Group 2

Dmitry Chuyko

Performance Architect at BellSoft

Dmitry is a performance architect at BellSoft, and one of the most active corporate OpenJDK developers. Dmitry’s job is to optimize OpenJDK for x86 and ARM, and to contribute to the development of the smallest Java containers.



Kotlin team Developer Advocate at JetBrains

Anton is a Developer Advocate in the Kotlin team at JetBrains, a Java Champion since 2014, and co-organizer of DevClub.eu, a local developers community in Tallinn, Estonia. Anton’s professional interests include programming languages and developer tooling.



Stay Evergreen: Write Once, Never Migrate




     Adam Bien

Software development practices for evergreen software are aimed to minimize the migrations, and to adopt lean code, incremental learning, and even longer vacations.

Learn the methods of evergreen development from Java backend to JavaScript frontends.

Rock your VMs and containers. Introducing Alpaca Linux




    Dmitry Chuyko

BellSoft’s vast experience in supporting musl to optimize OpenJDK and GraalVM brought forth Alpaca Linux, a perfect OS for runtimes, containers, and microservices. Alpaca is enhanced with a tuned kernel, modern security features, and optimized libc to boost performance.

Find out how to utilize it in Java app development.

Ktor – naturally powerful framework




    Anton Arhipov

Ktor is a lightweight framework for building asynchronous server and client applications. It is used with Kotlin, a powerful programming language, and coroutines.

Discover Ktor features and create a simple application with WebSockets and a database to start utilizing Ktor for backend development.

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